Fish Oil and Hair - Benefits

Is there a beneficial link between consuming fish oil and hair health?

Many men suffer from baldness issues, and in the market today are literally thousands of hair loss products which promise the sky but fail to deliver. While this ailment is more a source of annoyance than a threat to health, many affected persons are searching high and low for answers, often spending a lot of money in the process.

Hair loss issues in men are very likely linked to problems with the prostate, so the exploration of herbal and natural remedies which improve prostate health would be a good idea for those who are stricken by this condition.

How about fish oil? Does it help with hair problems?

Fish oil is rich in the omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, and omega 3 fatty acids are said to nourish hair follicles; in this way, they encourage hair growth and prevent premature baldness. In addition, fish is rich in protein, which also contributes to healthy hair. These benefits help to explain the positive link between fish oil and hair health.

Regular consumption of important essential fatty acids is said to improve the texture, density, as well as overall quality of one's hair.

Essential fatty acids are also believed to help nourish the sebaceous glands, thereby adding moisture to one's hair. Thus, regular consumption of these very important nutrients can help to keep one's hair in good shape, preventing dry hair. Indeed, eating omega 3-rich fish oil can help one's hair maintain a healthy shine and luster.

Besides the beneficial link between fish oil and the health of one's hair, omega 3 fatty acids also contribute significantly to other areas of health and wellbeing, such as brain health, joint health, and cardiovascular health. They should thus a vital part of any health-promoting dietary protocol.

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